Sexsation Anal Glide Starwberry 15ml

Sexsation Anal Glide Starwberry 15ml

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  •  Whether you use a little or a lot, for pleasure or for health, discover the full SEXsation collection of natural and organic intimate products. The SEXsation collection is available in a range of sizes and variants to meet your various needs. SEXsation flavored Anal Glide is water-based, condom and toy friendly. This amazing Anal Glide is thick in consistency and can also be used to enhance or replace a woman's natural moisture. Some people regard it as a must-have item in this age of safer sex. SEXsation’s Anal Glide is an essential ingredient to successful and enjoyable anal intercourse. The use of this glide on the inside of a condom can make the sensations delivered to the penis much stronger. SEXsation Anal Glides enhance the comfort and pleasure of masturbation, vaginal intercourse, sex-toy use, and especially anal sex. SEXsation Anal Glides rinse off easily in the sink or shower. The exotic flavors of SEXsation add to the excitement and adventure of love making while prolonging sexual enjoyment. SEXsation’s Anal Glide formulation is thicker in consistency due to its concentration differential which makes it even more ideal for anal play. SIX AMAZING FLAVORS:  Blueberry, Watermelon, Strawberry, Peppermint, Pina Colada and Natural.

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