Specially Formulated Vaginal Tightening Cream

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V-TITE is a highly effective vaginal tightening cream that helps the vaginal walls contract for up to 24 hours, thus giving them more tone and vigor. It may stimulate your sexual response and improve your self-esteem allowing for a greater and more fulfilling sexual experience for both you and your partner. The tightening that results, may increase your sensitivity and cause sex to feel new and powerful.
*Firm and Tight
*Contract and Re-shape
*Restore Suppleness

Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto your fingertips, rub onto vaginal opening and insert just inside the vaginal opening. Allow 15 to 30 minutes for product to take effect.
Ingredients: Purified Water, Pomegranate Extract, Witch Hazel, Glycerine, Safflower Oil, Polyoxyethylene (2) Stearyl Ether, Polyethylene (21) Stearyl Ether, Potassium Alum, French Lavender Oil. 1 oz pump container.

Can vagina lose elasticity and become loose forever? How to reach vaginal orgasm? 

All women are worried about their health, especially when it comes to the vaginal health.

Your vagina is elastic. It’s able to stretch (fitting things in such as pennis or a sex toy, pushing things out such as delivering a baby). Usually it won’t take much time for your vagina to get back to its previous shape.

Unfortunately, vagina may become slightly looser as you age or have children, but overall, the muscles continue to expand and retract just like a rubber band. But some tips to strengthen your pelvic floor can be useful to ensure that your vagina doesn’t lose the elasticity it has.


First of all, a “loose” vagina is not a thing. A vagina may change over time. Aging and childbirth of course will affect it but it won’t lose its stretch permanently.


A “loose” vagina myth has historically been used as a way to shame women for their ‘busy’ sex lives. Interestingly, a “loose” vagina has never been used to describe a woman who has a lot of sex with her partner over and over again. It’s specifically used to describe a woman who had sex with more than one man.


Regardless, the truth is that it doesn’t matter neither whom you have sex with nor how often. Penetration will not cause your vagina to stretch out permanently.


Vagina & Time

Age and childbirth are really the only two factors that affect the vagina. Having too little or too much sex won’t make your vagina lose any of its stretch.


Both, childbirth and age can cause a slight, natural loosening of your vagina. Women who’ve had more than one vaginal birth are more likely to have weakened vaginal muscles. Moreover, aging can cause your vagina to stretch slightly, regardless of whether you’ve had children.


Vagina & Age

You may notice a change in your vagina’s elasticity in your 40s. This might happen due to a drop in estrogen levels as you enter the perimenopausal stage.


A loss in estrogen level will cause your vaginal tissue be:


  • thinner

  • drier

  • less acidic

  • less stretchy and flexible


These changes may become more noticeable once you reach full menopause.


Childbirth Aftermath

It’s natural for a vagina to change after a vaginal delivery. Just think about it, your vaginal muscles stretch in order to let a whole baby out of your vagina’s entrance!


After a baby is born, you may notice that your vagina feels slightly looser than usual. Nevertheless, your vagina will start to snap back several days after giving birth in most cases. Sometimes though, it may not return to its original shape completely.


**If you’ve had multiple childbirths, your vagina is more likely to lose elasticity. Hopefully, there are several exercises that can help strengthen your vaginal floor muscles before, during, and after pregnancy.